Photoshop Image Masking

Clipping Path Company Int is a professional image masking service Provider Company. Basically, we are working in European countries such as USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Finland, Denmark, Germany, France, Poland, Switzerland, Iceland, Canada & Norway. There are different types of image masking service such as alpha masking, channel masking, layer masking, Hair Masking, Refine masking, color masking etc. In most cases, image masking uses for the soft edges image such as furry clothes, human hair, doll, eyelashes, feathers etc. If you want to accurate hairy details then you need to do image masking service. Sometimes Photoshop image masking need for background remove. Suppose you have to need to remove a tree image background then you try to using clipping path I hope you will lose its quality so we apply here the masking technic. In this case, masking will cheaper that clipping path and it will save your money and time. Mostly it's used for model images. Image masking makes your photo more natural and realistic.

Hair Masking

The different background than hair, fur , curves, and another soft edge etc. When needed , we apply colors , glow, contrast and many others etc .To make this natural . Image masking is better than clipping path on hair. Hair making immensely delicate photo editing way.

Layer Masking

Highly qualified manual Photoshop hand the mask applied directly on the image layer by using pen and soft edges. Used it for cut out or remove the image background. Our designers doing this job very technically and make perfect. So don't worry about this job.

Color Masking

To avoid the hollow line from your images there is a color mask to cut your image inside and out of the frame on in the frame instead one or two pixels. Later, designer applied various effects like exposure correction, retching, and coloring etc . color masking gives a fine control of updating pixel values on the screen.

Alpha Channel Masking

Masking service
Photoshop alpha channel masking is a technique of separating images. To separating image background we do it and edit color brightness, contrast, exposure etc. It's lighter that makes the process of downloading or uploading for flexible. Prices depend on image complexity.