Clipping Path Services and Types

Clipping Path Company Int is a global extolled Clipping Path Service providing company and there is various type of clipping path such as Simple Clipping Path, Basic Clipping Path, Medium Clipping Path, complex Clipping Path, Multiple Clipping Path and Supper complex Clipping Path etc  .

Basic Clipping Paths

image clipping
Generally basic clipping path used for more easy images and here needs a little time to draw path lines and vector shapes just make around and select the product or object and cut out the background . Your job is complete . Small image and it's price is also less so don't worry about image price .

Simple Clipping Paths

Simple clipping path is the larger size of basic clipping path and it used for simple images . It's not critical and will not more holes . It's a single image with a few shapes. These type images are Bag , Fan etc . After removing the aspired background this product will more pretty generally the white background color is best .

Medium Clipping Path

Intermediate type sizes are call medium or medium clipping path. Medium clipping path means the image size is not large and not simple it will average sizes with some more shape, holes, and curves. This type is a little critical to do but our expert graphics designers are doing well with carefully.

Multi Clipping Paths

Image multi path it's a common word to us and here are more facilities with out background remove . Multi clipping path used to change separate colors, multiple fills, resize objects and many things . However, it's mainly used for photography color correction .

Complex and Super Complex Clipping Path

Complex and super complex images are very hard to do here and different type of complex shapes, many holes, image size large, it can be a group photo like 15 persons captured in a photo frame and separate each person and change their dress color etc. However, the complex and super complex image editing or clipping path making is a time-consuming process but no matter to us reason we have adequate experts graphics designer to doing these job. You just contact us with your working instruction you will get done image in time.