Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions shall act as a separate legal and written agreement between our Clipping path int company and all our reputed clients. Before placing an order with us, please read carefully the terms and conditions for the services you wish to benefit yourself. It is very important to constitute your acceptance of the terms of your use of the benefits of our Clipping path in the company.

The Valuable Data We Collect From Our Reputed Clients-

We collect various types of the necessary information from clients to establish a special business and personal relationship and mutual communication with our Clipping path int company with all our customers.

Our company collects various types of personal data from all our clients. They may include all the data mentioned below. Which may later be considered useful for our various tasks:

  1. Customer’s Full Name.
  2. Customer’s Email address.
  3. Their Full-Time Profession / Part-time Profession.
  4. Full Time Or Part Time Job title.
  5. Company name.
  6. Recent billing information.
  7. Mailing addresses.
  8. Postcode.
  9. Customer’s Vat registered number.
  10. Telephone numbers.
  11. Debit card numbers Or credit card numbers.
  12. High-Quality Images.
  13. Web browser type and version.
  14. IP address.
  15. Interests and preferences of the clients.
  16. Operating system details.

Our Company Work After Getting Client Information-

We need to provide our company with some of your personal information to provide a better and more seamless service. All this information will be useful to complete your work perfectly. We use all the information you need for different purposes. Our job descriptions are mentioned below-

  1. Our company representative may contact you for various reasons regarding the complete order, quotation, and invoice for your work. Therefore, we will need your information to complete these communications seamlessly.
  2. Various types of internal documentation.
  3. We may need to conduct market research at various times when we start clipping path works with you. And to complete all those research tasks, you may also need to call and email multiple times. So we need your mobile number and email address to complete these communications smoothly.
  4. Moreover, we can send messages to your email to further promote our company’s various special offers, relevant information, new services, etc. Through these promotional emails, you can learn more details about our business. Apart from that, you can tell your friends and relatives around you.
  5. Today we constantly want to improve our company. That is why our clients need data from time to time. We may use client information to enhance all of our company’s services as well as the Website.

Some Copyright Notice For Visitors-

This entire Website of Clipping path int company and all contents of this company, including articles, various types of images, and everything else, is owned by us, this Clipping path int company.

We will keep copies of any form of piracy or any part of our associated content. In any case, all these tasks must be completed.

However, various exceptions are also granted to third parties, including those who use the content contained on our Website for non-commercial or other personal purposes only with prior permission.

Third-party websites may also use our content if they wish. But in that case, they must use the proper amount of attribution. And also, the clipping path must be specified as the definitive source.

Third-party Websites-

Our Clipping path int company does not use third-party websites to carry out any of our projects. Nor does it ever deal with them.

However, our company may send a special third-party link about all projects and transactions between this company and our reputable clients.

We are never responsible for those links. We always ensure that all our dear clients read the terms and conditions of any third-party website before interacting fully with or sharing with them.

Free Trial Method-

We always offer a variety of one-time free trial methods to our new clients. Due to this, our clients can easily understand the quality of our work. However, we always reserve the right to refuse any trial work for various needs of our company.

But once you take the free trial system from our company, you will never get that opportunity if you want to take the free trial method again. It means that once you get our free trial, you will not be eligible to receive the same service for any subsequent projects with our company.

So it is necessary to provide all kinds of successful services properly. You can visit our free trial special page on our company website.

Accounts, Passwords, and Security-

When you receive service from us, you must open your ID on our Website. Our company has the right to collect various information about the User ID you use to access our services. We reserve all rights to collect information related to our Website’s domain.

All the files of your order and the data cannot be encrypted to ensure uninterrupted services. Of course, access to your user accounts and accompanying passwords may occasionally become necessary for our company’s service teams.

100% Quality Guaranteed-

The clipping path in the company’s ultimate goal is to provide excellent service to every client and keep them constantly satisfied.

We constantly ensure superior services with high-quality photoshop and accompanying image editing. We offer the highest level of professional unlimited rework on all the photos and images you provide. As a result, you can get a complete picture.

However, with that, we provide each of our clients with more beautifully edited images. And we do not give any permission to the clients who come to us for photo modification with him to use the full services of third parties.

Clipping path, it is unacceptable for each client to rework constantly. If a third party edits our photos before they are properly sent back to the client, they retain important information.

Intellectual Property-

The clipping path in the company works in compliance with all copyright laws. And also properly respects all rights of all intellectual property owners.

Suppose our content violates your intellectual property rights, trademarks, etc. Then, please let us know as soon as possible, and you can contact us directly if you want. You can mail directly through the number given on our Website or to our email address. Or you can go now to the dress shown on the provided site.

Easy Payment Methods-

We have kept the easiest payment methods for each of our clients. It is the Incases, and based on our service; we may require certain limited amounts of upfront payment before we begin work on orders placed by our clients.

We accept and pay with MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, American Express, and many types of various times for the convenience of our clients.

Our company will not be held responsible for any technical error when processing the payment transfer.

Some Photos, Which Are Do Not Allow In Our Company-

We strictly prohibit all forms of pornographic images, nude videos or images, and any other inappropriate images for work under our company. Also, no such indecent photos can be on our Website.

Clipping Path Int reserves the right to refuse various services in respect of all benefits due from clients for submission of the images mentioned above.

File Storage Policy-

Clipping path in the company stores all images of each client for a maximum of three months on the company’s servers with maximum security. We shall not be liable for any loss in case you fail to remove all your files from us after passing such time limits, even after we send you various notices from time to time.

Some Website Disclaimer-

All the terms and conditions we include at this stage are provided for various general information purposes only.

One of our company’s goals is to keep the information published on all our websites as accurate as possible and updated.

Moreover, we maintain the accuracy of the various information, services, and the reliability of all related graphics on our Website. We also make no warranties or representations as to its completeness or accuracy.

Any reliance on our Website’s information is strictly at your own risk.

Through our Website, you do not have to put yourself in any control of the clipping path int. He has many types of sites that you can link to this. We do not have any control over those third-party sites’ availability, nature, and content.

Our Website may contain any other links to third parties of any kind. It does not mean, however, that we endorse or recommend the various opinions expressed in them.

We constantly make every effort to keep our Website running smoothly. However, we shall not be liable in any way for technical problems beyond the control of this company or any temporary unavailability of various sites.

We shall accept all complaints against any of the abovementioned terms and conditions. If we can break it, we will. However, we shall not be liable for any breach by the clients of our terms and conditions.

Clipping Path int reserves the right to change any content on our Website without prior notice to our clients.

Uses Of Your Giving Photos-

We review your image submissions for any inappropriate material our company considers inappropriate. In addition, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to reject any files you retain for any reason.

By entering into this agreement, you grant clipping path in the company full permission to use the free trial images for any promotional purpose.

In addition, we may publish all images on the Website as samples without the permission of the various owners.

However, you can ask us to turn off the use of trial images completely by contacting us via our email address. Also, if you want, you can call our number or directly contact our office address.

We certainly expect your permission to properly use the various edited images you provide on our Website as samples of all our work. So, of course, we will never publish your regular photos on our Website without your permission.

These terms and conditions shall act as a separate legal and written agreement between our Clipping path int company and all our reputed clients. Before placing an order with us, please read carefully the terms and conditions for the services you wish to benefit yourself. It is very important to constitute your acceptance of the terms of your use of the benefits of our Clipping path in the company.