How to photograph clothes to sell online(Tips and Tricks)

best way to photograph clothes to sell online

How to take best way to photograph clothes to sell online.

If you fail to show your clothes’ natural and exact beauty in the image, you must take a solution. To get the solution of making your clothing photograph beautiful, stay with us. This blog is going to help you more than you are expecting.  Don’t worry; in this writing, we will provide you with the perfect solution for making your photograph clothes to sell online. Be patient and read the whole thing.  We can assure you that our clothing photography tips will help you make strategies for photographs of clothes. Not only that but also you can increase your clothing photography skill if you read this article thoroughly. Here, we will provide you with all steps, preparations, setups, and so many hidden tricks of clothing photography.  At this age of science and technology, everything is getting upgraded in modern times. Like that, commerce and treads are also being digital. It is eCommerce. People who have an eCommerce site of clothing business need to develop their clothing photography skills to attract customers with the shine of their photo of beautiful clothes.  Don’t panic. The tips and tricks we are going to share with you are so budget-friendly. So, you can buy them easily and improve the quality of your photograph clothes to sell online. Our article will be beneficial to newbies and rookie people in business.  After reading this information, you don’t need to hire a professional photographer. You can photograph clothes to sell online all by yourself. And you can easily upload them on an eCommerce platform like Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, etc. So, be patient and keep reading our article.  best way to photograph clothes to sell online Select the way you want to represent the products Look, everything has an interphase. Like that, you need to watch out for some important things before going into clothing photography. You have to make some strategies on how you want to show your clothes in the image, which designs are best, how many categories you can provide, what kind of photos you want to upload on your eCommerce site, etc.  Well, you will be happy to know that there are only three options for you to improve your clothing photography. These things will help you to know about everything you need to know. So, let’s begin and photograph clothes to sell online. Uses of Mannequin ( Take Standing Clothing Photos Photograph ) best way to photograph clothes to sell online What do you know about clothing photography? It is the first question if you want to learn about how to use the gadgets of photography. Actually, not for photography; you will need a lot of extra things in clothing photography. Just like that, you will need a standard item.  It is a dummy. Ask me why you need a dummy? Well, you need it because you have to show your clothes in standing mode. And a dummy is the best choice for it. Sometimes hangers provide an excellent service, but after all, a dummy will help you the most. The true meaning of clothing photography is displaying your clothes correctly on the eCommerce site. If you guess so, a dummy can give a better effort than a hanger. It will help know the exact and correct size of the clothes. Besides that, if you use a perfect mannequin, it will save your money from hiring a model for clothing photography.  There are more facilities for using a dummy. You can change your camera angle how many times you want. It will give you the chance to take multiple shots on it. But if you used a model in the first place on a mannequin, she would be irritated with getting more clicks and changing angles.  After all of that, you can change the environment of the photograph. You can use plenty of background on your photograph clothes to sell online. It is not such a hard job to add a beautiful background to your image—all you need to do is edit a little bit.  You can fix the background later using a professional retouching service. No matter what background you want to apply using a professional photo editing service, you can add any transparent or solid color background within a second. Hiring a Model best way to photograph clothes to sell online In the previous point, we discussed using a mannequin in the replacement of the model. Because hiring a model is so costly, if you come into the e-commerce business with a considerable amount of money and are ready to buy them in the correct place, we will recommend you hire a model in the first place. A dummy can give you the chance to get more clicks on it, but be honest, and if you can hire a model, you can get photographed with unique poses and hot looks. It is the main advantage of hiring a model in clothing photography. And you know that a great and beautiful look attracts people.  When you hire a model for clothing images and upload them to your eCommerce site, it will attract people and spend more time on your site. Without any doubt, it is a great sign. People will share your images on their social media accounts. Hiring a model for clothing photography is an excellent opportunity to expand your eCommerce site on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so many social platforms. And you know what, Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and so many online e-commerce sites upload their clothing image with modes. It helps them to expand.  There are a few more advantages. A model can give various expressions while you are photographing. On the other hand, hiring a famous model will get more customers. Just think about that: a famous model’s gorgeous expression represents your eCommerce site and clothes. It would be an outstanding achievement for your business. So, we will give you the suggestion of hiring a famous model if you can afford it.  Flat Lay Photography best way to photograph clothes to sell online Before applying flat lay photography, we have to know first what is flat lay photography. Well, as you can see, flat lay photography is taking photos of your clothes by putting them on a table or whatever you want. But before applying this method, you have to make sure the color and design of the flat object where you are putting your clothes.  Now the question is, why the flat lay photography? Look, there are a lot of eCommerce sites. They work with gents and ladies’ clothes. Generally, ladies’ clothes need to be displayed with a model or mannequin.  Because there are some size issues on ladies’ clothes, if you look at the size of gents’ clothes, you won’t have any problem understanding the size matter. You can display T-shirts, shirts, sunglasses, socks, jackets, etc., without any hesitation on the flat surface. Also, it gives you the chance to avoid unusual costs on a male mannequin or a male model.  Now comes to the main point, what kind of design in flat lay’s are more attractive. Well, choose a surface with a premium look or a manly look. The colorful surface won’t attract male customers. Because males like premium looks a lot.  There are some issues you have to maintain. If your business is not expanding in social media, then we will recommend you avoid this process. For a newbie who started his business on social media, this process is beneficial.  A survey of 2020 on social media-based business said that 86% of social media love this flat lay photography on clothing products like t-shirt, folded shirts. Sokes and so many. Now the choice is yours; if you want to use this method, you should choose a quality designed flat surface.  Studio Backdrop Prop best way to photograph clothes to sell online If you have a habit of buying products or clothes online, you must see the lovely white background. It is a white backboard. A backboard is more important than a flat lay surface. Don’t you want to know why? Well then, see, a white backboard helps you get a clean and sharp image of clothes. Also, it helps to highlight the colorful clothes.  It means you can get more and more impressions from your regular and irregular customers. The length of it is 20 feet, and its width is ten feet. The height and width help you to take photos of any size of clothes. With that, you can shoot photos of your mannequins. The white backboard will give you the premium look and classy mode in your clothing photography.  Wireless Trigger best way to photograph clothes to sell online  We told you at the very beginning to manage a sweet lighting system. And you know what, a perfect lighting setup can make photography classy. When using lighting set up with your camera, you should manage a wireless trigger to fire when capturing the picture. But you have to be aware of matching the model of wireless trigger with your camera model. In the overall observation, you will need this little creation badly.  Tripod: best way to photograph clothes to sell online Capturing pictures with shaky hands will destroy your clothing photography. It will make noise in your clothing images. So, there you won’t find any alternating of a tripod. You have to buy a premium quality tripod to capture your clothing images without any problem.  Make sure you are buying a full metal body tripod. In the market of tripods, there are so many fake and low-quality tripods. You should take a heavy-weight metal body tripod. Make sure your tripod is much larger than you need.  Photography Magic Box: best way to photograph clothes to sell online At this moment, you need a minimum size photography magic box. A photography magic box is a box where you can put all the necessary things of photography.  Sometimes you will need pins. You will need it to pin your clothes from the backside when using a Ghost Mannequin for a better view. So, you can gather them in your photography magic box.  When you are using a dummy against a slippery dress, you will need tape at this rate. Not only that, but also the tape has to be double-sided coated with glue. Don’t worry; it won’t cost your mannequin. Now as you can see, you have to carry a tape also. So, you need your photography magic box.  With all of these mentioned accessories, you can carry extra lights to your studio, a camera battery, lint roller, iron, brush, etc.  Clothing Arrangement  best way to photograph clothes to sell online Arranging your clothing is one of the most complex jobs in clothing photography. Most of the time is west on arranging clothes. If you can somehow arrange your clothes from before then, it will save you a lot of time indeed. But make your clothes dust-free when you are capturing photos. Dust can reflect light. Reflecting light is terrible for clothing photographs. The primary step of arranging your clothes is ironing them.  For getting more advantage, you should keep a brush with the clothes. You have to brush them whenever you want to capture their photos. A lint roller will help you to remove dust from clothes effortlessly. Make sure you have your photography magic box beside you. You need to keep these accessories to save time. And it is the true meaning of arranging clothes. Studio making best way to photograph clothes to sell online At the beginning of the article, we mentioned that you need a proper setup for your photography studio to improve your skill in clothing photography. A perfect studio will provide you with the advantage of making your clothing photography great.  You have to keep your studio very neat and dust-free. You will get a lot of space in your clothing photography studio. So, make sure you have the proper lighting setup, not only that you have to get a quality camera to photograph. It is the central part of any photography studio. Bring a proper size mannequin to the studio. And don’t forget to keep a white backboard. You should have three stands of lighting. It will provide you with enough lighting.  Camera attachments and settings You have to check out three basic settings before shooting your clothes. They are Aperture, ISO & Shutter speed. Aperture: When it is all about clothing photography, it will be best to shoot at a high f/stop, between f/8 & f/10. It is the primary way to get more focus on your clothing photos. It will give you the advantages of a natural look.  ISO: If you can keep your ISO between 400 and 800, then it will be perfect. But remember that you have to change the limit when you are using different lighting sources. If you are shooting in artificial lighting setups, you must keep your ISO between 400 and 600.  Shutter Speed: Shutter speed indicates how long you want to open your camera shutter. The ideal shutter speed for clothing photography is 1/125. Starting of Clothing Photoshoot Congratulations, you finished the process of being a perfect clothing photographer. Now you can improve your skill on it correctly. Now, let’s know about the internship, how you have to start it. First, you have to read all the text we provided you in this article above. Then you must understand what we teach you in it. You have to know all the fundamental things from our article.  If you are done with the process, you have to manage a mannequin of a model for representing your clothes. You have to arrange all the accessories for shooting. Get ready for your camera and lighting setups, and make sure you bring your photography magic box with you and you have all the equipment.  Customers want new kinds of photos and models. And when it is the talk about clothes, you must represent them in a new style each time. You have to try different camera angles, proper lighting, much knowledge in editing, etc.  Cloth Photo Editing ( The ultimate technic of Attracting Customers ) best way to photograph clothes to sell online If you are done with your photoshoot session, you have to edit them. Because you can not upload photos with an unfinished look, you have to put in extra effort. Every eCommerce site is uploading its products with a great background.  We mentioned before that a nice and clean background highlights your clothes. For removing the background, you have to remove the previous one by using a clipping path. The clipping path is the easiest way to remove it.  Now, it is time to use other tools. Crop your photos if you need them. Try to give as much as a natural look you can. If you are shooting your photos with a dummy, you can remove the mannequin part using a clipping path and add the shape of the part you removed. It will bring a more natural look than before. Believe it, and no one can beat you at this stage if you follow the rules we have given overall.  Best way to photograph clothes to sell online for ecommerce photography: Clothing photography is a sensitive thing. You have to do it as consciously as you can. A perfect photograph clothes to sell online will help manage your sales, organize your eCommerce site and maintain the quality of your business.  We show you the perfect and easiest way to become a successful clothing photographer. The given rules, tips, and tricks will help you a lot. But it is true that if you didn’t read it thoroughly you could not do anything. Make sure you know each of them we mentioned in the article. Don’t forget to do all the things we suggest to you.

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