Professional Product Photography & Post-Processing Tips for Beginners

product photography tips

Professional Product Photography & Post-Processing Tips for Beginners

You already know that at this moment, we are using the internet so much. By using the internet, we can do whatever we want. Including business, we are dining on almost everything. We call that e-commerce. E-commerce helps us to shop from home quickly and without any transportation problems. 

It is the reason buyers want to buy their needed products online and save their money and time. At this rate, every person in business wants to move into an e-commerce platform. Even some of them want to continue their business both online and offline.

If they didn’t provide a gorgeous and better photo of products, those who want to move their business online would fail to spell them correctly. In the industry of e-commerce, people judge a product by seeing a picture of it. 

For this, at first, you have to become a professional product photographer. This article will provide you the knowledge about 

Professional Product Photography & Post-Processing Tips for Beginners.

Tips to Become a Successful Product Photographer

You can not master our process just by finishing a theoretical approach. If you want to learn anything perfectly, you have to try the method practically. Besides that, you will need hard work to become a professional and thrive in it. 

For that, if you want to become a successful full product photographer, then you need to work much harder than anyone. Photography with your mobile phone will help you the most. Because buying a professional photography camera is a matter of a considerable budget. 

Working hard is the key to success. If you get a customer, then you need to provide him with a quality product photo. If your budget is minor, then you cannot hire a professional product photographer. At this rate, you need to become a product photographer. You have to learn photo editing and photo editing with shadows. 

Whatever you say, to make a great product photo, you have to suffer little for learning. Because it is hard to learn. And if you had much time to learn the uses of all the editing software tools. 

product photography tips

What is Product Photography?

Product photography is one kind of photography that helps merchants upload them to their eCommerce site to give a chance for the buyer to see them. 

You might know that product photography is not simple. It is hard to learn and master. You need to understand the proper way of taking photos of products and editing them. Many great eCommerce sites have their product photographer just for taking pictures and editing them. Like Alibaba, eBay, Amazon, etc. do the same job. 

So, be patient and read the whole article because we will share the tips and tricks to improve your product photography skill. 

Product Photography Tips for Beginners

Just think a little thing, when you want to buy any product online, what do you see the most? The condition of the product. Yes, a perfect visualization helps to impress customers. Customers decide whether they would buy them or not by seeing the image of products. 

So you can say that a customer can not touch the product and judge it when buying through the internet or online. The perfect product photography helps you to engage the customers. 

Well, that is why you should read the following steps to know about product photography. 

Choose a Suitable Background

The background helps to highlight the product perfectly. So, you are seeing that is the most crucial part of product photography. It does not only highlight your product but also helps you to edit the photo quickly. 

Finally, you can say that a perfect background attracts customers. At this rate, most eCommerce photo specialists use white backgrounds. But, it is a wrong idea. You should use the ideal set that is preferred most with your product. 

Putting Products in the right place

Placing your product during photography is another essential thing. You have to put your product in the right place when you are taking photos of it. The reason is all of the product’s shapes, and sizes are not the same. So, make sure that you consider the size and shape of the products and place them carefully. 

Camera Tips

Okay, we have now come to the main point. For taking pictures, you need a camera. It makes sense that you can not capture an image of your product without a camera. At this moment, the Canon 5D is the best choice if you are finding an excellent photography camera for your product photography. 

But, if you see, most of the commercials are newbies, and they can not afford an expensive camera like it. At this rate, you have to shoot by using your smartphone’s camera. And you know what, most smartphones have an excellent camera. Not only that but also they are capable of taking high-quality pictures like a DSLR. 

So, the beautiful cameras of smartphones will help you to capture photos of your sweet products. You can customize the light effect, HDR mode, focus, frame rate, stability, and so many things. If you have a DSLR, then you can do all these things. But if you capture it with your cutie smartphone, then you will be able to customize more options. 

Use Standard camera Lens:

Sometimes you will need vast angels to capture a picture. If you are using a smartphone, then you have to use a 3rd party app to manage it. But if you have a DSLR, then you have to work with a quality lens. A standard lens will give you the advantages when you are shooting photos of your products. 

product photography tips

Proper Lighting

If you are capturing images through your smartphone, you already know the problem of missing proper lighting.  Yes, missing an appropriate system of lighting will destroy your product photography. 

Now so many people will say that they don’t need lighting setups for photography. Listen carefully; they are fools. If you have proper lighting setups, then it would be cool. Because if you are not using an appropriate lighting provider, your images will be noisy and dark, which is not suitable for an eCommerce platform. 

product photography tips

Which is best? Artificial Light or Natural Light?

There has always been a debate between two-party, one of them says that natural light is best for product photography and the other one says no, artificial lights are essential. 

Yes, natural lights are best for photography. But if it has rained outside and you have a hurry to upload product photos? At this moment, you must need an artificial lighting source. 

But, there are some issues that natural lights help you do everything without any cost, whereas artificial lighting setup is costly. So, the choice is yours. 

Don’t oversaturate.

Sometimes we make our photo unreal by using too much color. Be aware of it. Customers can skip the product by watching this kind of Oversaturation.

Control Noises

I mentioned it before. Noisy photos destroy the cuteness of your product photo. So, make sure you control the noises. The wrong lighting setup makes noise in pictures.

Control Sharpness of product photography

After controlling noises, you have to make sure of the sharpness of product photos. Nonshared photos may cause losing customers. Providing the best lighting effort will bring an edge to your photos.

Gather many ideas about product photography

People love to give advice. It would help if you increase your ideas about making your products perfect. So, you can ask customers how you can make your products perfect or how the service of the particular product was. 

Be aware of Reflections.

Reflections are the main problem of skipping products. If there are any extra reflections in the product photos, you must change them immediately and use a new one. Try to take many shots of products when you are capturing images. Could you choose the best one from them? 

Use Different Camera Angles. 

Using only camera angles can make customers bored. They could be irritating when they see all the photos of your products at the same tips. So, changing the camera angles will help you to engage customers. 

Promoting Details

If your product is a multiple option holder, you should display all the options once because people love to see all the things together. If you can show them, then you can increase the number of customers. At this rate, you can use a tripod or a solid object to solve your shaking hands. 

Need to Follow the Product Photo Specifications

It is the last and most crucial part of your product photography. You have to follow the product photo specifications when uploading your photos to Amazon, Alibaba, or eBay. Please make a list of your products and make sure you upload high-quality images of them. 

Post-Processing Product Photography

After taking pictures of your products, there is a condition of editing your image. You have to edit your product photos to make them perfect. Yeah, the raw copy of product photos is good, but after all, you have lots of things to do through the edit. You are taking images with a DSLR or not; you have to edit them by software. 

There is so much photo editing software. Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Pixel Lab, Snapchat, Synapsed, PhotoScape,, Illustrator, etc., are the best editing software. It would help if you used any of them to edit and shine your product photo. 

Use of perfect Shadow effects

You have to engage your customer. For that, you have to do everything you can do. Importing shadows is one of them. 

Customers need a vivid and sharp look at the image. When they round the whole eCommerce site they only watch and order the product which still their attraction. And you know what, the shadow effect is one of the most valuable effects of the stealing heart of your customers. 

It keeps a single and thin line of shadow in the border of the product. It brings a realistic look to the photo. So, you can use this effect to highlight your products.

product photography tips
Have to Balancing Color and Switching

We mentioned before that using a proper balancing color is so essential for your product photography. If your photos are not looking real, customers will hate them and skip your products and site. Don’t lose to your laziness. 

Perfect balancing color, placing them into the right place, and using them properly is the ring decision. Remember that natural and sharp colors are adequate for the customers and it helps you to gain more sales. 

Fixing Brightness and Contrast 

Too many dark or too many bright photos are evil for your eCommerce site. It would be best if you controlled them while you were editing your product photos. You can control the brightness and contrast from your editing software. Every editing software provides these facilities. So, make sure you keep the balance of light. 

product photography tips

Remove Product Background

Sometimes you need to remove backgrounds from photos. When shooting in the natural ling outside, you need to remove the background while editing the image. 

If you use Adobe Photoshop to edit your product photos, you must see the option of pen tools. It is a great helpful tool among all of them. You can easily remove the background from your product photo by using a clipping path

A clipping path is the best and easiest way to remove the background from an image. If you are editing on your smartphone, then go to There you can remove backgrounds from your photos. 

Removing background from photos will give you the chance to put your image in your favorite environment. You can use any color of the scene after removing the original location from the photo. 

product photography tips

Final Words on Product Photography & Post-Processing Tips

Always remember that product photography is a sensitive thing. When uploading photos to a secondary eCommerce site, make sure you edited your product photo carefully. Besides that, you need to be very aware of making your product perfect. Because, if customers can not find a match in product quality like a product photo, your sales will go down. 

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